What is Emergency Tow Truck Services?

Towing is one of the most basic services present for motorists all over the world. While it is possible to obtain these services any time and for just about any reason, the most common reason why people seek for these services is an emergency. Having access to your trusty local emergency tow truck service will turn out to be a lifesaver. If you are looking for the right emergency towing service in Phoenix, AZ, you can get it from us here at Central Towing. However, before that, it will be great if you’ll learn more about emergency tow truck services first.

As the job title suggests, an emergency tow truck service is basically a towing service that you can get in the event of an emergency. These service providers can respond to your call at short notice and should ideally be there at your rescue within moments after you called them. These services also employ movers who understand how to perform tows in an emergency situation. Aside from knowing how to move quickly into the scene, they move with both precision and care, thereby ensuring that all people inside the car are safe and all potential problems are addressed.


Why Experience Matters

Aside from having experience in handling emergency towing situations, they are usually capable of performing different emergency tasks. Just to name examples, they usually have jumpstart equipment in case of a battery drain, carry spare fuel to fill up an empty tank, and even carry tools for basic repairs such as replacing a damaged tire. At the same time, they also have special skills that can come in handy in an emergency such as first aid kit and the ability to unlock accidentally locked doors. Dedicated emergency towing tend to have specialized services that may come in handy during unexpected times.

Emergency towing services tend to carry different fleets of wreckers for different situations. Tow trucks of different configurations may be used to carry immobilized vehicles safely. Light and medium-sized vehicles can usually be hauled away using traditional tow trucks, but heavier vehicles such as trucks, buses, motorhomes and construction equipment must be towed using heavy-duty wreckers. Depending on the situation and the driver’s preference, the immobilized car can be carried to the owner’s home, to the nearest repair center, or to the manufacturer’s facilities.

In an unforeseen event, you need to put your trust in a service that will provide you with the help you need at the right time. This is why you have to take your search for an emergency towing service seriously. In the state of Arizona, Central Towing is the name you should trust if you need an emergency tow truck service. We are the best in the business because we are dedicated to providing the best service for our clients. We use state-of-the-art equipment so that we can pull out your car safely and in the most efficient manner. We also have service personnel who are trained to tow different vehicles correctly and provide emergency services if necessary.


Why Contact Central Towing

Our phone lines and fleet are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; always ready to take on any assignment at a moment’s notice. Regardless of where you are, the time of day, or the current weather, we assure that we will be there during your time of need. If you are in need of an emergency tow truck service, never hesitate to give us here at Central Towing a call. Contact us at (602) 277-3200 for immediate towing assistance. Don’t worry, because we provide our services at a fair price, complete with free estimates.


Central Towing
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What to Do When You are Stranded on the Road

A responsible car owner knows that regular maintenance greatly reduces the chances of his vehicle breaking down. But no matter how many oil changes, tire checks, or battery tests you do, sometimes your vehicle can give up on you without warning. Or even if you’re the most careful driver in the world, an accident could just be a turn away.

Everybody is prone to emergencies that are as unexpected as they are stressful. In the event that you do find yourself in such situations, here are some safety tips you could follow to help you and those around you.

If you find yourself in a vehicular collision, first, check to make sure that you and other passengers in your car are okay. Also, check on the passengers in the other vehicle if there is another one involved. If there are no injuries, then the first people to call are towing services such as Central Towing. They are one of the leading towing companies in the Maricopa County and are available 24/7.


If your vehicle can still be started and there was no contact to your engine and gas tank, then transfer it to the side of the road where it won’t hinder other passing vehicles. If you are unable to restart it and it is still sitting in the middle of the road, set up a perimeter using anything that could catch attention such as orange cones and your hazard lights. Stay near your vehicle and wait for Central Towing to arrive.

If you find yourself stranded in the middle of the night in a deserted area, stay inside your vehicle and lock the doors. Contact Central Towing and inform them of your situation. You can trust that they will be there in no time. They take pride in their fast and reliable service especially during stressful situations. Also, let your family or friends know where you are.

In the event that you lock yourself out of your car, the number one don’t is don’t break your locks or windows. Whether you lost your keys or you left them inside, call Central Towing and you will be sorted out right away. Don’t attempt to open your lock on your own because this can cause permanent damage. It will even cost you more in comparison to Central Towing’s affordable fees.

If you are driving and you notice your tire bursts, stop immediately and pull up to the side of the road. Don’t keep driving in order to reach the nearest gas station. This will damage your mags permanently. Instead, wait for the help to come to you.

Calling a towing services company like Central Towing is one of the recommended first steps to take.  This will save you the time and hassle of figuring things out on your own. Just make sure of these three things while waiting for them to arrive: you’ve put yourself in a safe position, you’re not endangering anybody, and you are not causing further damage to your vehicle.

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Winter Vehicle Preparation Tips For Car Owners

Since winter is here in Phoenix, AZ, it is important for your car to be properly maintained and have a local towing company available in case you need towing services. Today, however, there are more and more regulations that exist which seek to make sure that the towing industry’s hard work and decency gets the appreciation and recognition it deserves. During the winter months these regulations are important for a consumer and making sure towing companies are following all required protocols.

Companies, including CentralTowing among other big towing companies, are seeking to find a national solution to the problem facing the reputation and the regulation of towing companies, specifically the way that each charges their customers for their services. Major improvements have been made when it comes to creating a Towing Advisory Committee formed by towing and carrier industry professionals and officials who will work as a moderator for all towing companies in the country.

In addition, more and more companies are becoming focused on being more competitive in the field by making sure that their services are of the best possible quality, given that there is so much attention being paid to them today.


During the winter months, here are some tips to follow:

mprnews.orgSnow in the forecast is a good reminder that it’s time to get your car ready for winter, and brace yourself for the long, cold months ahead. He’s been a mechanic on Minnesota’s harsh northern border in Warroad for 60 years. How to stay warm in subzero weather He started his auto garage in 1955, when starting a car in the dead of winter involved skill and ingenuity.

Now most new vehicles will start without issue all the way down to 20 degrees below zero. They require a lot less special treatment in cold weather, but Olson said there are still a few things drivers should do to keep things running smoothly through the winter.

1) Get a new battery

“People will try to sneak by with an old battery,” Olson said, “but if you want your car to start you have to buy the best battery, not the cheapest one.”

2) Get an oil change

Old oil gets thick with grime, making a cold engine harder to start.

3) Get a block heater

They’re a relatively small investment, Olson said, and will keep an engine warm and easy to start through the coldest winter nights.

4) Check your tires

When Olson first started his business, most people had a special set of snow tires in the garage they’d put on every winter. Those were the days when just about every car had rear-wheel drive.

5) Go for a long drive

In the depths of winter, Olson said people tend to hunker down. They drive only as far as they must. That can be a problem.

If a car is only driven a few miles at a time, Olson said the engine will slowly fill with condensation. When that water freezes, it expands. Read all tips from the original post on http://ift.tt/2fcUGIy

It is important to also follow car and driver safety tips when driving in different weather conditions.

nbcmontana.comDave Isakson has lived in Butte over 50 years, and he’s seen his fair share of winters and knows exactly how to avoid problems on black ice and in snow. Keeping a sufficient amount of gasoline can also add weight to a vehicle, which can add to better traction.

“You don’t see it, it’s dangerous. The new anti lock brakes make a big difference in the way we stop today, with old technology you did that with your foot, you had to pump your brakes,” Isakson said.

“Slow down, take your time to get there, or give yourself more time. When you see a stop sign coming up it can’t be gun and run like it can be during the summertime — a block ahead of time start slowing down and paying attention to the vehicles in front you, because the icy condition will get you,” he added.

“Car and Driver” says stability or traction control should always stay on in the winter, and many people know that the technology in new cars, combined with good maintenance will help keep you safe.

Drivers share tips to stay safe on black ice – NBC Montana

These are some good tips you should follow during the winter season, but you also want to keep our number handy in case you need towing services from on the largest fleets in Arizona. Central Towing can be reached at (602) 277-3200.

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Why Phoenix Needs a Reliable Towing Services Company

maricopa county central towing service areasThe city of Phoenix has one of the busiest road systems in the southwestern region of the United States. All types of vehicles from light to heavy duty pass by major freeways like the Interstate 10 and U.S. 60 on a 24/7 basis. For a lot of these travellers, they are driving for their livelihood. In fact, retail trade is one of the top five industries in the city, employing thousands of its citizens.

With a place that relies heavily on the efficiency of its transportation, a dependable towing service is crucial. Central Towing provides the type of towing service that the city needs: guaranteed 24/7 roadside assistance.

Whether you’re in the heart of the city on the way to your office, or you’re in the desert delivering the day’s goods, there is always the possibility that your vehicle will break down. When this happens, the feeling of stress and frustration will immediately follow.

There are a lot of reasons why your vehicle could be rendered immobile. Serious accidents that involve collision will almost always prevent you from driving off on your own. Engine failure is another common situation every traveller is prone to. Especially in the hot and arid climate of Phoenix, engine burnout happens on a daily basis. With temperatures reaching 100 degrees, you could experience overheating even if your car is properly maintained. Another reason is a flat tire. Especially if you don’t have tools or a spare, changing a tire on your own is impossible. Finally, being locked out of your car is more common than you think.

If you experience any of the above, the best thing you could do is to contact a company like Central Towing. It is important to find a towing services company that is quick to respond, highly reliable, and professionally trained to perform towing services. The approachable staff should listen to your needs, assess the situation, and execute the proper action.


Depend on Central Towing

fast_arrival_timeWhatever vehicular mishap you find yourself in, you should be able to depend on companies like Central Towing to get you back on the road as soon as possible. If you are in a more serious situation, the staff on duty should be able to bring your vehicle to the nearest auto shop or one of your choice. They should also make sure that you are getting the appropriate service before taking off. To cap it all off, the towing services prices should be affordable and reasonable. They should not charge you with any unnecessary fees. This is actually one of the reasons why the best towing companies have grown such a big client pool over the years.

Wherever you are in the Maricopa county area, whatever type of vehicle you are driving, whatever time of the day it is, you can be assured that there is a towing services company like Central Towing to respond to your call. You do not have to waste any more time trying to get your car to start on your own. You can save yourself the stress of changing a flat tire on your own. Roadside assistance is made easy and affordable.

Located centrally in Phoenix near downtown.

Central Towing
1302 E. Indian School Rd
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Flatbed Towing for Lightweight and Medium Weight Vehicles

Owners of vehicles have many options when it comes to the types of towing services they need. Of course, it is crucial to make careful considerations of various factors before making a decision on which one to pay for. Hastily made decisions often lead to some setbacks. An individual must realize that his or her vehicle, which costs a significant amount of money will be on the line here. A bad decision about which service to choose can result to damage to the vehicle, additional towing expenses and even accidents during the transfer process.

One of the safest options out there is flatbed towing. Unlike the usual dolly or tow bar towing, this involves getting the four wheels of a vehicle off the ground. The vehicle rests on a platform, which is on a towing trailer.


When Flatbeds Are Necessary

There are instances wherein flatbed towing is necessary. Of course, car owners must be aware of these things. First of all, this type of towing is a must if the vehicle is an all-wheel drive. Flatbed towing ensures that the transmission system will remain undamaged during the transfer. Next, flatbed towing is a must if the car is really expensive and the owner wants to get it to his or her destination without a scratch. This type of towing protects the bumper and sides of the vehicle.

If the car is being transported over long distances, it is also logical to have it loaded on a flatbed trailer, instead of having it dragged for miles. It is also practical to have a vehicle with low chassis to be towed this way. Actually, the list goes on when it comes to the need for flatbed towing. In choosing a towing company to hire, it is important to check if they offer this option to their customers. Car owners should also ensure that the company has the right equipment and resources for this matter.


One of The Best Choices

When it comes to medium duty towing services, Central Towing is currently one of the best out there. As a Maricopa County roadside emergency services provider, we have the manpower and the right equipment to cater to all types of needs. Yes, we specialize in flatbed towing for light and medium weight vehicles. Our fleet includes some of the best flatbed trailer trucks that can haul cars, RVs, vans, and even small utility trucks.

While it is true that flatbed towing costs more, the company can help its customers come up with plans to get their total service fees lowered. Central Towing will ensure that every dollar spent for our services will be worth it. The many positive reviews that we have been getting recently from our customers can prove this.

We will deliver your vehicles safely to any destination in Maricopa county. Our drivers are highly experienced and are familiar with every route within the state. This is a big advantage when a customer needs to have his or her car transported fast from one location to another.

In case of an emergency repair scenario, Central Towing can refer you to the most trustworthy and qualified servicing centers. We also provide free towing to our shop if we provide the repair work for you.

For flatbed towing services, customers can just call Central Towing at (602) 277-3200. This is our hotline which is manned 24/7 by polite and knowledgeable customer service representatives. Queries and actual emergency roadside service requests are accessible through the contact number mentioned above.

Never leave the safety of your car to chance during those location transfers and roadside assistance needs. Choose to be with a service provider that really cares. Choose Central Towing today! Check out our locations and areas of the Phoenix valley we service.

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Types of Heavy Duty Vehicles We Tow

What is Considered Heavy Duty?

All types of vehicles on the road will need to access the services of a towing company at one time or another. Of course, this also applies to vehicles that are under the heavy duty class. Under vehicle classification system of United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) those that weigh 8,501 to 60,000 pounds are called “heavy duty”. Vehicles under this class are tagged with codes ranging from HDV 2b to HDV 8b. Diesel engines used for heavy duty vehicles are also used in the classification system mentioned above. To make it simple, small trucks, RVs, urban buses and other similar motor vehicles are included in the heavy duty class.

Commercial Towing Phoenix


Towing these Vehicles Long Distance

Moving these vehicles over long distances (state to state or in excess of 100 miles) can be a complicated thing. The sheer bulk of the vehicle can be a problem for towing companies. Hauling such a load over long distances presents significant risk to the haulers, other road users, and to the vehicle itself. This is the main reason why it is important to choose a towing services provider that has the right expertise, equipment, and experience in doing heavy duty hauling over long distances.

Another concern for heavy duty vehicle owners is the cost of long-distance towing. Some people look at the practicality of moving these vehicles over state lines or regions. It is true that there are instances wherein the owner will spend less money just by buying a new vehicle than by getting the current one hauled. Towing the vehicle through DIY systems is also a viable option if money is an issue. However by doing this (two-wheel towing), the odds of getting the vehicle’s internal systems damaged becomes greater.


Typical Large Vehicle Tow Rates

Currently, providers of towing services will charge on an hourly basis with a minimum number of hours per contract with clients. Small trucks with a gross weight of 7,500 to 10,000 pounds will be towed by companies for a flat rate of $95 per hour and a minimum contract time of 1 hour. Those who own trucks that weigh up to 50,000 pounds are charged $180 for the same minimum contract hour. While these are prevailing industry rates, the possibility of negotiating lower rates with towing companies will always be there. It just matters to find a company that will not sacrifice safety and quality of service over rates that clients are capable of dealing with.

With Central Towing, these and other issues mentioned above will be resolved. As an experienced towing company in Arizona, you can trust us when it comes to heavy duty towing. We own a fleet of towing vehicles that can safely transport heavy loads over long distances safely and efficiently. We are licensed, bonded and dedicated to deliver service quality that exceeds every client’s expectations.

In addition to individual moving or towing projects, Central Towing can also offer bulk services in case our clients own a number of heavy duty vehicles that need to be moved from one location to another periodically. Central Towing accepts long term service contracts with other companies when it comes to heavy duty towing services. We are a well-known towing partner among commercial and industrial companies in Arizona.

It is never difficult to get in touch with them. If you are in need of heavy duty towing, you can just call us at (602) 277-3200. For advance service requests, e-mails can be sent to us at info@centralphoenixtowing.com.


Central Towing
1302 E. Indian School Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85014
(602) 277-3200


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Circumstances Where You May Need Emergency Towing Services

Do You Need Fast and Affordable Emergency Service?

A lot of people do not think of finding the right towing service, until they are actually stuck in a situation where they have virtually no other choice. Because emergencies do happen, it is important that as a motorist, you also consider checking your options when it comes to emergency towing. Road emergencies do happen, and they occur more commonly than you think. The next roadside breakdown just might be yours! Just to make a point, here are some examples of reasons you may need emergency towing services.

  1. Emergncy Towing PicVehicle breakdowns – For a variety of reasons, your car may break down in the middle of the road. It can be due to a failure in any of the mechanical parts of your car (engine, brakes, tires, suspension, etc.). It can be due to running out of fuel or battery. It can also be that your car may not be totally immobilized, but continuing to drive your car can prove dangerous both for yourself and other motorists. When your car breaks down, especially in an unholy hour where getting immediate help is slim to none, a towing service will basically be your saving grace.
  2. Accidents – Accidents do happen all the time, and some accidents can make it impossible for you to drive. Some major accidents can leave your car a total wreck or at least incapacitated, rendering it basically useless. While some cars are still drivable after coming out of an accident, continuing to drive it, especially for long distances, may cause further and potentially irreversible damage. At the same time, getting involved in an accident, especially if you are in the middle of the road, can put yourself and other motorists in danger. Getting emergency towing after an accident is a must for safety purposes.
  3. Lockouts – Getting locked out of your own car is one of the most common circumstances you may need emergency towing services. Lockouts happen for many reasons, most commonly because the owner left the keys inside the car. Of course, trying to unlock it yourself can be risky and can cause major damage to your car. Your best bet for these situations is to just call an emergency towing service. If you have any spare keys, you can have the car sent to your home then you can open it using your spare key. You can also ask your towing service if they carry unlocking services so the door can be safely opened.
  4. Roadside assistance – There are other special reasons when you may need emergency towing outside of getting locked out, getting involved in an accident, or your car breaking down. Calling for roadside assistance can also be due to other problems. It is possible that the driver may become incapacitated to drive for one reason or another. It can also be due to a precautionary measure after you notice something wrong in your car. Emergency towing can help send you and your car home or at the nearest repair shop.

These are just some circumstances you may need emergency towing services. When you get into such a situation, it will be great to know that you have somebody to call for help. If you are in an emergency and you need your car towed right away, call CentralTowing today. As one of the best when it comes to providing emergency towing services in Arizona, we are ready to spring to action and assist you 24/7. Just call (602) 277-3200, and we will guarantee you quick, affordable, and top-quality service.

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